Saturday, September 22, 2012

My very first post...

It is fitting that it should be today, the first day of Autumn.   For me the most beautiful time of year.  
Tinges of color have sprung up almost overnight on the lake that I call home much of the year.  The view from my studio, where I now sit, is inspirational, every day!
I have to tell you, however, that the greatest inspiration I have received  in a long time has been from a group of incredible people from around the world who join me everyday on an e-course called "Flying Lessons"  hosted by artist Kelly Rae Roberts.  Without their support and encouragement, I would  never have dared to create a blog.  But here I am! 
They make me brave!

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  1. Oh I so agree Dawn! But it is you that is courageous and with it.
    Very happy to have met you fellow flyer, lover of patterns and helping hand.
    Thank you and go girl!


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